AgentBook: A Cloud-based CRM for life and health insurance agents

Cloud-based CRM for Life and Health Insurance Agents

Manage your leads and track your commissions anywhere, anytime.
Create workflow automation to boost your sales.



Prospect and Lead tracking

Capture critical lead data and handle missing information when qualifying your prospects. Track your leads status and build a routing process that matches your real business needs. Use our feature-rich platform to accelerate transition of leads along the pipeline. Save time so that you focus on leads that are ready to close. AgentBook is here to help.


Lead-to-sale workflow automation for Insurance agents

Never forget to reply or follow up on a lead. Identify key tasks that affect your sales conversion. Create automation rules to save you time on repetitive tasks. Set up tasks to organize reminders and automate communication. Build efficient processes and use preset triggers to run repetitive sequence of steps to increase your speed. Boost your efficiency and accuracy. Automate unnecessary tasks and focus only on activities that help you increase the bottom line, using AgentBook.


Task management and third-party calendar integration

Create a repetitive task yourself or use automatic task creation. Either way, tasks help you to cross items off your personal to-do list. Tasks can have as many attributes as you business needs and they can be integrated into your calendar or assigned to a colleague. Tasks can be scheduled to repeat in any time interval. Logical dependencies between tasks can be easily established by dragging an arrow from one task to another in our task-editor, in AgentBook


Sales Pipeline management and automation

Analyze your sales process and identify any weak spots. Use metrics to estimate your aggregate sales velocity, the time it takes on average to turn an incoming lead into a paying customer. Keep detailed metrics on how your pipeline performs. Review your metrics frequently and determine trends. Flag problems when they arise. Know where in the pipeline, each of your leads is, at any time. Convert and close more leads in less time with pipeline management automation.


Drip Email marketing and text messaging

Take advantage of the most powerful marketing automation strategy, drip email marketing. Email automation can help you gather more information about your leads. We help you set up a drip email campaing using one of our templates. Using reports from from previous email campaigns you can then send targeted drip emails to “hot” leads. Put simply, drip marketing is all about giving people the right information at the right time. Incorporate text-messaging in your marketing channel portfolio in order to exploit an omnichannel messaging strategy.


Save time by importing leads seamlessly

We know that collecting new leads already takes a lot of effort out of your daily routine. Every time you get your hands on a set of new leads, you will be on your way to process them as soon as possible because we help you load them in the CRM in a single step.

Workflows save you time and help you focus on the bottom line

You know your business processes better than anyone. You know when you spend time that you don’t have, on repetitive tasks. Automating tasks, reminders and communication frees up your time and lets you go after more sales.

Equip yourself with the right tools to ease your sales cycle

Your need to close a sale is our top priority. The tools that we bring to the table let you process your leads fast and accurately without wasting a single opportunity. We put you at the driver’s seat in every step of the sales pipeline while at the same time we remove any distractions and obstacles along the way.

Close more deals and grow your agency

When your sales pipeline is set up, automated and tuned, your focus is on closing the leads that have qualified. Your daily routine is too valuable to be wasted on jobs that don’t add to your bottom line. Take advantage of our tools, anywhere, anytime and set yourself up for closing leads, not just manage them.

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